As a company formation agent in Germany, we support abroad clients with company formation and starting business in Germany. This included all necessary steps required for setting up a company in Germany, beginning with legal consultation on German and European company law, drafting the required documents, coordination of all formal and legal acts, setting up the company and preparing the company for operative business.

As an Attorney under German law with longtime practical experience in company law and a bar certified specialist for international business law, it is my daily business to support clients from abroad with forming companies and to start business in Germany and Europe. Therefore I offer extensive services not only for setting up companies. I also support clients with setting up the necessary business infrastructure in order to prepare the company for operative business, prepare tax registrations and other formalities and supervise business activities and managing directors for shareholders from abroad.

We currently offer setting up the following companies and legal entities:

  • German Limited Liability Company (GmbH)

    The limited liability company under German law (GmbH) is widely used for all potential kinds of business. The legal basis of the GmbH is regulated in the Limited Liability Companies Act (GmbHG). The Gmbh has a share capital of at least 25,000 euros. The share capital is divided into shares and at least half must be paid in by the partners when the company is founded. For the establishment of the company, the shareholders have to raise at least a share capital in the amount of EUR 12,500. The remainder of the share capital is to be paid by the shareholders later at the request of the management.

  • Unternehmergesellschaft (Haftungsbeschränkt) UG

    The only major difference between the UG and the GmbH is that the UG only requires a share capital of at least one Euro. While setting up an UG requires less capital, there are some potential negative aspects to consider, in particular the susceptibility to undercapitalization if only a very small share capital is chosen. As a result, management risks can arise with regard to bankruptcy offenses. Besides the lower share capital, the costs for setting up an UG are only marginally lower compared to a GmbH.

Service of a Company Formation Agent in Germany

After you informed us about your business project, we will use our extensive legal knowledge to inform you about the requirements and the legal procedures and provide a roadmap for the further proceeding. After you decided to continue the process, we will draft all required documents, and coordinate notary appointments. Shareholders are not required to be presents at the notarization. In this case we will draft prepare documents for representation. We also offer to represent clients during the notarization. After the notarization, we will supervise the following procedures, e.g. paying in the share capital and applying for registration at the commercial register.

Preparation of company formation

We provide extensive legal consultation on every aspect of the company formation and the associated questions. This includes information on possible options and best practice the legal procedure and its requirements. This includes:

  • Information on structure and legal requirements of all company forms under German law
  • Options on forming a company in Germany without residence permit in Germany
  • Requirements for appointment and acting a director of a company in Germany

Support after the company is establishment

After the company was successfully formed and established, I offer further services in order to prepare the company for operative business. Those services include:

  • Maintaining Business address service
  • Support in setting up the business infrastructure, e.g. renting business premises and hiring employees