The common European single market, with its highly developed economies with more than 440 million consumers, offers extraordinary business and sales opportunities. Germany, as the largest economy in the EU, with its 81 million inhabitants, its highly developed industry and research landscape and its fast and reliable legal systems, offers excellent conditions for many types of business.


Preparing Market Entry in Germany


Entering a new market requires extensive research on the specific economic environment and the legal requirements of the market. On request of the client, Feierabend legal provides information and dossiers on selected topics relevant for market entry. That includes:
General information on German and EU market access for products and services. This includes overview on legal restrictions and requirements for selling products or services in Germany and other EU countries;

  • Overview on regulations and statutes, on topics relevant for market entry, like consumer rights, product safety, and product liability, requirements for doing business online, and other relevant issues
  • Review on conditions for visas, residence permits and the German Blue Card
  • Research on existing trademarks and business names, Registration of trademarks at the German trademark office (DPMA) and the intellectual property office of the EU (EUIPO)


Setting up business structures in Germany

  • Formation of companies (like the German limited liability company – GmbH), subsidiaries and branches in Germany. This includes legal consultation on appointment of directors, tax registration, and hiring of employees. We can even set up your business without you being present in person. In this case we will prepare and attend all necessary appointments (e.g. notarization of documents). We also offer a business desk service, which includes a business address
  • Preparation of all relevant agreements, terms and declarations
  • Coordination of incorporation procedures in Germany with the tax advisor, notary, commercial office, the financial administration and other involved public institutions
  • Supporting the development of distribution chains by providing legal consultation and legal documents required for appointing commercial agents and distributors


Legal compliance and conformity with German and EU laws

  • Legal counsel on German business law, including company law, competition law, contract law and other areas of law relevant for business
  • Disputes and conflicts: in case of a legal conflict, we will fight for your interests in out of court and at court in business law litigation procedure
  • Product conformity with the rules of the European single market: The European Union makes the rules for the internal market. It defines the requirements that products and services must meet in order to be in line with the market. Products that do not conform to the market may not be sold on the internal market. They differ for each product and service, but mostly relate to aspects such as: mandatory information, labeling, price information, warning and usage notices
  • Legal review of business functions
  • Drafting agreements, contracts, general terms and other declarations under German law that are required for operative business
  • Reviewing of websites and other online resources for conformity with German law